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On the role of openness in education

It’s an hour for me to be one of first authors of the brand new journal Open Praxis with the paper „On the role of openness in education“ that I have written together with my colleague Sandra Peters (University of Technology Sydney). It covers much of her PHD work on the historical research in education. […]

A bigger picture on MOOCs

I was pointed to the above info graphic and asked for a brief review, so I am happy to share my thoughts. It starts with a well-known transformation in higher ed, the rise of the (tuition) costs worldwide, but in particular in the U.S. This initial position is then boiled down to mere economical factors […]

Inspirations from Cambridge 2012 #cam12

  This global conference took place during last week in the beautiful city of Cambridge. The venue was not so historic as it may be anticipated but it was a nice place to gather and chat with many people on the latest developments of OER. Just outside the building was the famous Mathematical Bridge. The […]

An open didactic triangle #change11

What I most like about David Wiley’s ambitions to promote openness in education is his great talent to bring arguments to the bottom line. In presentation like this, he clearly points out the role of openness in education. Despite other implicit meanings of that, David Wiley goes on to postulate that openness is the only […]

Struggle to progress

Taking part in two Open Online Courses (MOOC #change11 and P2PU) demands a lot of attention and effort. Sometimes it may feel like you have to carry a big backpack or rucksack as we in Germany call it. Does anybody feel the same?? I have to come up with a learning plan and I have […]

SCORE Fellowship Workshop

I have been attending another (here is the other one) inspiring SCORE Workshop with presentations from some of the recent Fellows reporting on their projects. Then, we were engaged in a group work setting to discuss four major issues of OER: 1) Discovery: Is it ture that there is a wealth of good quality OER […]

Survey on Use of OER

As part of my research fellowship at the OLNet I am investigating how people make use of OER and how that is affecting their learning process. I have set up a little survey for this with 16 questions. So it will not take much of your time. The survey is open for everyone interested in […]

Digitial Scholar and self-regulated learning #change11

This week’s topic in the MOOC #change11 is about the digital scholar, a concept thoroughly researched by one of my colleagues in the OlNet team, Martin Weller. He just published a book with the same title which can be accessed here. I found the parallels between Open Education and the music or newspaper industry interesting […]

Cooperation and Collaboration with OER #Change11

The recently raised question concerning cooperation and collaboration in settings of change such as the MOOC #change11 is surely an important issue. Here is an interesting blog post with a related discussion. I have been involved in a large EU project where we attempt to build a model for team-based development in Higher Education to […]