SCORE Fellowship Workshop

I have been attending another (here is the other one) inspiring SCORE Workshop with presentations from some of the recent Fellows reporting on their projects.
Then, we were engaged in a group work setting to discuss four major issues of OER:
1) Discovery: Is it ture that there is a wealth of good quality OER out there? How easy is finding the OER you need?
2) Costs: What are the true costs of OER? Who meets them? Are they justified?
3) Users: What do we know about users of OER?
4) New Models: What are the new models?
It became clear that these issues more or less interrelated. So much more work is needed in this area.-))
Following the group work, I gave a short presentation about my research project. I got very helpful and supportive feedback, so I am confidence to master the further challenges along the road….

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