Another inspiring week at OLNet

I am in the middle of another inspiring and productive week as a research fellow at the OLNet project. Some of the events I have been part of were:

  • Workshop on use and reuse in Open Educational Resources, entitled „Is reuse the key to sustainable elearning?  Are we any nearer to grasping this Holy Grail?“,  organised by Chris Pegler. Additional information on this issue can be found via the project ORIOLE (Open Resources: Influence on Learners and Educators). Using a rather unconventional medium, printed card, a vivid discussed took place covering factors that facilitate use and reuse of OER.
  • Two in-depth interviews with experts in the field of digital media and OER, Andrew Law and Andy Lane. Both provided detailed insight into distinct aspects of OER, such as learning and education or the economical side of OER. Theses interviews are part of my research to compile empirical evidence for the educational benefits of OER.

I am also trying to catch up with the MOOC #change 11 course either via twitter or via this blog. Time is passing by real fast these days but using new technologies can certainly facilitate to processes the increasing amount of information and to build meaningful knowledge.

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