SCORE Workshop on CreativeCommons

I am attending a one day workshop organised by the Suppport Center for Open Resources in Education (SCORE). It will cover legal issues with a focus on CreativeCommons.
Jason Miles-Campbell starts with the question, what you need to know about copyright for OER. Good news: linking is not a copyright issue. But „Who owns the copyright?“ In general it is the author, however sometime it can be the employer. Several questions related to this were discussed in great detail, such as what happens if I create a learning material during my vacation or after work time. Looking at your working contracts with your institution might help on here.
One piece of work can be licensed under different CC licences which may become a common thing in the future. It is recommended to use open licence copyright material but be aware of the conditions concerning what you can actually do with it. Open licence does not mean you can do anything with it. Be sure, in case of embedding of a video on your website that you have the right to do it as embedding videos has been regarded as a copyright restricted act.
Here are the Top 10 Tips of Copyright:
1 – Facilitation, not Compliance
2 – Look in the Pantry
3 – Let Users Deal Fairly
4 – The Examination Creation
5 – Licensed to Inspire
6 – Spread the Licence World
7 – Make Holdings into Usings
8 – Seeking permission is not always tough
9 – Copyright on the Agenda
10 – Born to Make you Happy
The remaining parts of the workshop were spent on getting to know CreativeCommons, how to choose the right CC licence and reviewing case studies.
Overall, a highly interesting but also intense workshop.

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